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I'm a research&development engineer of Alibaba Group. I've been working at alimama since I graduated from university, alimama is the advertisement department of Alibaba. Our team is focusing on building an intelligent advertisement monitor system. Recently my colleagues and I try to improve the accuracy of anomaly detection with machine learning and deep learning methods.

I have worked two years as an operation and maintenance engineer in alimama, it's also the beginning of my career. I used to maintenance alimama advertiser system and KGB advertising engine system. We spent plenty of time to put devops into practice. Thanks for those experiences, I have known some architectures and management.

I take great interesting in exploring unknown things, especially those things that about the future, I have read tons of sci-fiction and about 300 books in the past five years, I recorded all of them in my douban home page

You can contact me at Facebook or with e-mail, my e-mail address is